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Interested in spreading the word about Linked University and our other training programs?

Here’s how to do it, and earn a commission any time you tell somebody about us and they join!

How It Works

When you sign up to be part of our affiliate program, you’ll receive a unique affiliate ID and unique links.

You’ll be able to promote our webinars and other free training resources.

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Any time somebody clicks on one of your unique links, it’s tracked.  And when that person joins, you’ll get a commission.

Also, it’s tracked for an unlimited amount of time.  So, theoretically, you could receive a commission 85 years from now from somebody that clicked your link today.

What We Will Pay You

We pay 40-50% commission on most of our programs!

How Often We Will Pay You

We’ll pay you once a month, preferably through paypal.  For larger payments, we are happy to pay out 75% on day 1 (reserving the remainder for payout after the refund period has expired).

How We Will Help You Promote

Once you’re signed up for the affiliate program, you’ll have access to a number of resources (emails, graphics, webinars) to help you promote our programs and start making money.

We have several email templates that you can use to promote to your email subscribers.  (Of course, it’s always best to use these templates to come up with ideas…but to put things in your own words.)

There are also several different types of graphics available for your use.  Different size banner ads, with different messages, so you can place super-attractive graphics on your site, in your emails…wherever you see fit!

And we’re always open to working with you to make sure your efforts are a big success!  If you have any ideas for other things we can do to help you, send us an email, support at LinkedUniversity dot com.

Interested in hosting a private webinar for your community?

If you can get 150+ attendees on a webinar, we’d love to discuss doing a live webinar together.  Please contact RyanFarrell at LinkedSelling dot com to discuss!

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