If You’re Thinking About Starting Your Own Business, Don’t Miss Out On This

If I would have had this when I started my business, who knows where I would be now.

I remember starting my business, sitting in front of my computer, and thinking….

“It’s all on my shoulders now.”  Sound familiar?

Free Agent Academy ReviewIf something like Free Agent Academy had existed, not only would my business have been even MORE successful MORE quickly, I probably would have confidently left my job much earlier.

Think for a minute…Do either of these statements sound like you:

  1. You’re looking to strike out on your own, enter the world of self employment, and start your own company.
  2. You are already running your own company, but you’re tired of trading time for money (which is really just a job you’ve created for yourself).

If either of those statements resonate with you, then keep reading.

I recently discovered a training program for people just like you, Free Agent Academy.  It’s an extremely personalized program with tons of value and some of the best coaches in the world.

For more info on the program, take a few minutes to check out this video:

I want to share with you a couple stories from just one recent webinar I attended (they hold these every week for members, and they’re LEGIT).

In one of the webinars I attended, Kevin Miller and his team helped a wide variety of folks to figure out exactly how to get their business started on the right foot.  Here’s one example.

A financial consultant called in, and was wondering how he could break free from his current firm and start his own.  They helped him with specific, actionable advice for how he could:

  • Get clients quickly.
  • Structure pricing.
  • Avoid the hourly rate trap.
  • Close deals more quickly.
  • Building rapport and trust (hint: it takes more than just throwing up a site and listing services).
  • Putting systems in place so people know, like and trust you before you even talk to them.
  • Creating a true value ladder or sales funnel.

As somebody whose business is already off the ground, this was just as applicable and EXTREMELY valuable to me.

There is never a point in time where you and your company does not have room for improvement in every single area of your business.

Here’s another example.  Marto called in, and shared that she is just coming out of a 3-year tailspin of personal depression.  She’s struggling to resurrect her business amidst the “tsunami and neglect and disorganization” left in the wake.

With her new career focus, how can she put this behind her and start seeing some success?

The advice she was given was profound.  There is no “system” to tackle that kind of personal struggle.  But the experts on the call were so broad based in their experience, that they had real advice that I know is going to help Marto in a real, tangible way.

These guys aren’t just about marketing and sales, or just about operations or startups.

They’re deeply rooted in every discipline that you need to get your business off the ground (or improve what you already have).

Follow Up to Take Things to the Next Level

The webinars at FAA are awesome.  But they don’t just leave it at that.

They follow up after the call with each participant, to point them in the right direction for the courses within Free Agent Academy that will tackle the specific challenges and opportunities they need to address based on the questions asked.  These courses are available on demand and include workbooks, audio and more. They cover a ton of topics and are presented by true experts in each area.

Here’s another one they answered during the webinar: “How can I start my business within the next 6 months, even though I don’t know what my passion is?”

The answer wasn’t simple, but it was spot on.

What’s this Free Agent Academy all about?

One of the expert coaches in FAA is a good friend of mine, James Garner.

We first met online 3 or 4 years ago, and met in person (and shared a hotel room) at an industry conference in 2011.

His friendship and guidance has helped me improve my business in measurable ways, and when I heard that he was involved in Free Agent Academy…I had to know more.

Since then I’ve come to learn more and more about Justin Lukasavige, Kevin Miller, and the others running the show at FAA.  I’ve been consistently impressed with these guys across the board.

These guys have serious integrity and are doing the real work it takes to make a difference in people’s lives.

Check out the video below for a tour of the members only area, so you can see exactly what this program is all about:

You can sign up for a 15-day trial of FAA for only $5.  No strings attached.

Click here to get started.

The program at Free Agent Academy is truly amazing.

I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be offering the $5 promotion.  For the price of a sandwich, I don’t think you can pass this one up.

Please note: The above links are affiliate links.  I know you already know this, but I just want to make sure. 


Free Agent Academy Review

3 thoughts on “If You’re Thinking About Starting Your Own Business, Don’t Miss Out On This

  1. Thanks. Was curious about FAA but when I went to website lost interest. Have you had a woman look at your visuals? Or listened to the presentation? There are basically no women shown or represented. Men everywhere: guy with shovel, guy jumping in air, guy on cover visual, guy in video talking, text talking about “these guys”. I sincerely think you need some gender instruction & sensitivity, it’s really frustrating that this even needs to be pointed out. And disappointing frankly.

    • Robin – Sorry you had that impression. For one, I’m not part of FAA. So no, I have not had a woman look at their visuals. I do know that they have several women on their coaching team, and many women enrolled in the program.

      And when I say “these guys” it’s gender neutral, as in “you guys” which is generally understood to refer to a group of people regardless of gender.

      • Robin – this is Kevin, founder of Free Agent Academy. Thanks for giving the feedback…I honestly hadn’t realized we were go ‘guy’ centric. It’s true, of our 8 Professors, only one is a woman. Our membership is probably 2/3 men, but we sure have a lot of active and successful women. As Josh mentioned…I wonder if the terminology using ‘guys’ was just my tendency to address any group as ‘you guys’. My family is in the south and would say ‘you all’. Regardless…again, thanks for the heads up on perspective. Perspective is…more important than truth.

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