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Here's What Our Customers Say

"I could never ever have done it without Josh’s help. He just cut through a lot of layers that I would never have thought of.  For us, it’s paid off big time. So far I’ve signed over $10 million in new business from this system and we’re expecting a 30%-40% increase in sales next year…"  


VP at Cohen Architectural Wood Working

"I knew I needed a system to bring in clients. They helped me avoid pitfalls, and the biggest benefit is the increase in revenue. My revenue has doubled because of the system and I've gained 112 clients. We have thousands of people that we're working through the process and my business is just exploding. If you work with Josh, there's no way you won't get new clients!"


CEO at Mertz-International Limited

"Within WEEKS, I closed multiple 5-figure contracts. As a result of Josh's system, I have quadrupled our business and are scaling for the next year. We now have a consistent 5-figures per month, and my business has gone from "I love what I do, but I hate the cashflow problem" to "I love what I do, and we can start to have fun, and we can grow the business and we can take vacations! It's been a godsend." 


Founder & President of ReMission Consulting

"They have a very well thought out strategy to take your business to the next level."


Owner at MaaS Pros


“We are getting most of our business through LinkedIn at he moment through referrals. ”


Owner at Louder Online

"The biggest benefit is having a system and a process. They provided a framework I didn't have, to reach out to people. The results they promised at the beginning were met. The system is awesome!  It opened me up to new ways to grow my business. I've recommended it to colleagues of mine."


CEO at Craft CFO Services

"I now have all these different ways of getting myself out there that I didn't have before. My expectations were blown away."


Marketing Hospital

“Thanks so much. Really appreciate the help and advice. I F@#%$ LOVE LINKED U AND THE VIP CLUB. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!”


Owner at Healy Consulting & Communications Inc.

Don't Take Our Word For It

“Working with Josh’s team is a joy. Our customers have been raving about working with Josh and his team, and now in fact WE are working with Josh specifically to help us with our LinkedIn strategy.  Most importantly, his stuff is effective and it works, and that’s why we’re working with him.”

Ryan Levesque

Founder of Survey Funnel Formula

"There aren't a lot of people out there who've done what Josh has done - not just scaling their business FAST, but also doing it with class and style. Josh is definitely on my hit list of people to watch closely in this area, and he should be on yours, too!”

Danny Iny

Founder & CEO, Mirasee

"I give my highest recommendation to Josh Turner and Linked U. His process for follow up and lead generation is flawless, and doesn't leave a crumb on the table And his product is EXCELLENT. Josh delivers on his promises."

Daniel Hall

CEO of Daniel Hall Presents

“I give it my absolute highest recommendation. Here’s why: in just two months after employing the principles and methods taught in the course, I gained 7 coaching clients. All of these clients came thorugh Linkedin. And the great thing is the best is yet to come."

Joe Scherrer

The Leadership Crucible

"I know of few people who are more capable of teaching how to quickly scale up a business than Josh. Few have actually achieved what Josh Turner has - moving quickly from six figures to multiple six figures, to 7 figures and beyond in the span of a few short years.  What's more, Josh is the complete package - he has a rare combination of sincerity and good work ethic, and the team he's put together is the same.  If you're looking to get your business beyond its current state to 7 figures and beyond, then you'd be wise to listen to what Josh has to say -- and put it into action quickly. Like yesterday."

John Corcoran

Founder, Small Business Revolution

“I got my first actual bid totally from this program. I have several other fish on and waiting to hear back on projects coming up. The networking has been invaluable and incredible. I am just under 2000 connections (most of them very specific) and growing! Best thing I ever did was join LinkedIn and this group!”

Susan Phillips

Phillips & Koch Construction, Inc. 

"Since we started using Josh’s system, we’re averaging 26 new appointments a month. That’s creating business we didn’t have before. And it’s landing us some of the biggest projects we’ve ever had. I can’t say enough about how well this works."

Tim Stanford

Tim Stanford Management Consulting

“BTW, I've been using LinkedIn for years now and had some good results over that period, but nothing compared to what I'm seeing now that I am implementing the pro-active outreach campaign approach thatyou teach in Linked U. Keep up the good work!”

Alan Martin

Chat Marketing

“In 3 words: Are you nuts? You need to add a "0" to the price you charge for Linked University. I started using LinkedIn several months ago, thought I knew most things... NOT. Keep up the great work.”

John Kalos

Merit Financial Planning

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Linked University Alumni

For someone that was on the fence, I would say that I have reviewed many of the trainings available targeting LinkedIn and I have seen no other program that stacks up to all that is available through Linked University


Behavioral Coach

A clear, concise, method of training which is already yielding results for me.


Business Coach & Speaker

Hey Josh...just landed my first client who bought two hours with me for $500. I haven't even implemented everything yet. Didn't even have to sell him. He asked me to become a client. 


Mortgage Professional

Also, I just want to tell you, I continue to go through your LinkedU lessons.  As long as I consistently follow your training, I get leads.  (I just get lazy sometimes, and don't do it.)  You have a great program.

Anne Gordon |

Funding & Financial Specialist

If you thought LinkedIn was a powerful persisting tool before, you'll be a believer after taking Josh's course.  Given the chance again, I wouldn't have waited the three days to subscribe after the webinar, I would have subscribed during.  That's three more days I could have been prospecting better.


I was on the coaching call yesterday, I was the Diane that you spoke to/about, re: a couple questions I had. Thank you for taking that time for me, I really appreciate it.

I love how much you yourself are personally committed to our success, so thank you so very much for that. Your people also do a great job, I am really impressed with it all!


Entertainment Services

I enrolled in Josh's LinkedIn program 2 years ago and started but didn't follow through until just recently. Well... I wish I had been doing what he teaches all along because, in a very short time the response and results it has generated is so powerful. This week alone, one simple strategy has generated 28 very targeted leads for me. It's a work in progress but I can't say enough about the effectiveness his program [LinkedUniversity]. Thanks, Josh!


Agency Owner

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!!! I just used one of the referral techniques and have contacted 7 people. Within 10 mins of doing this whilst I've been listening to this webinar, I received my first referral to an ideal client.

I'm in!


Business Advisory & Leadership Consultant

More Nice Words From Customers

“Your course is off the charts! I cannot believe how much value you deliver. Your course is amazing Josh… best money I ever spent for sure."

Frank Welzig

Welzig, Lowe and Associates LLC

“On vacation, but just have to say how awesome the Linked U VIP team is. Thanks so much for the accountability and support check-in. Will be in touch when I get back.

Hannah Schreiber Tighe

Chatterbox Social Media

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